Jules E. Mastbaum Alumni Association (JEMAA)

P.O. Box 655

Ocean City,  New Jersey 08226-0655


        Welcome to our website hosted by Classcreator.com. This site is user friendly and we encourage you to use all aspects of the site to update your information and to keep in touch with your fellow classmates.   You can post information on your life events that you would like to share with your classmates and photos you would like to share.

     JEMAA is a group of former students from Jules E. Mastbaum AVTS, 3116 Frankford Avenue (corner Clementine Street), Philadelphia, PA. 19134, who seek to promote fellowship among our membership, publish a newsletter, arrange fund raisers to support gifts of monetary awards to deserving students at graduation, assist our school on various projects not supported by the Board of Education, support the faculty and students to improve the level of education at our alma mater. 

     We are a non-profit association and, as such, exempt from Federal Income tax under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code, therefore, contributions to the association are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

     Through the years, JEMAA has made many donations to our alma mater.  To name just a few: varsity football helmets, new uniforms for the cheerleaders, a new banner for the gym honoring the 1989 girls Volleyball Championship, a plaque dedicating the gym honoring Ralph “Bones” Schneider, a Sports Hall of Fame plaque to honor students who were All-Public in their sport, from funds donated by the 1977 class (a reunion), a new trophy case, a donation for painting the cafeteria for a Martin Luther King Service Day, a new flag for the auditorium, and on numerous occasions made donations to assist students with travel expenses to various competitions. 

     We have also assisted graduating seniors through the years with monetary gifts (currently totaling over $54,000.00) toward their continuing education.

     To support these endeavors, we have several fund raisers each year:

  • Alumni Basketball game held in the early spring in the Ralph Bones Schneider Gym with participants from Mastbaum basketball teams of the past.  This event earns cash for the Ralph Schneider Graduation Award.
  • All-Class Reunion at the Shore (Wildwood, NJ) in late spring, supporting our graduation funds.
  • All-Class Dinner-Dance in the fall, also supporting our graduation funds.

     We encourage you to have your class reunion at either the Shore Reunion or the Dinner Dance.  JEMAA does all the work (hall, food, drinks, DJ) all you have to do is purchase a ticket and show up!  We will reserve tables for your class to ensure they are all seated together.

  • We also gather annually for Alumni Day where you have a chance to "go back in time" and visit your old alma mater.  We meet at The Thinker, from which you can take a tour of the school to see the trades being currently taught or have lunch at the Panther Cafe' where the Culinary Arts students prepare and serve a delicious lunch for you. 

     Please keep an eye on the JEMAA EVENTS tab for the dates and times of these events.

     While we are not a large organization, we strive to assist the school and the students however we can and  .... we do this through your annual membership dues and donations to the various graduation funds

     We thank you for your continued support!


     Active membership is open to all interested former students  of Mastbaum (you need not to have graduated) ....   and to all past and present faculty at the school.

     If you would like to support us by joining, please go to JEMAA MEMBERSHIP




The Executive Board would like to apologize for the delay of the Winter Edition of The Baum due to circumstances beyond our control.  We ask your patience with us and will try to send something as soon as possible. 

Thank you.

We Need Your Help


     Your Alumni Association can really use some help, we are very few in number and we are all getting older.  We need some of the younger alumni, particularly those who graduated in the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s to get involved in the Executive Board and attend our monthly meetings (however any alumni who would like to help will not be turned away).  We need help planning our annual events or suggestions of other types of events that may help us to raise the funds we need to continue doing what we do for our school and the Graduation Awards for the students attending now.  Your help is always needed and appreciated.  Attendance has been dwindling at our annual events over the last few years (Shore Reunion and Dinner Dance) and we need to figure out how to turn this around since these are the two big fund raisers we hold.

If you have any suggestions please come out to an Executive Board meeting and let’s talk about it.  Our Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each month at the Fox Chase Library at 501 Rhawn St, they begin at 6:45 pm and last about an hour (no meetings in January, February, July or August).  Our next meeting will be on Monday, October 19,2015 at 6:45pm at the Fox Chase Library, 501 Rhawn St.  Hope to see you there…. 

I have included a link on my jukebox page to a PDF of the 1970 yearbook - it is quite large (307mb) and you may get a read or scan error when you open it - completely safe to download - here is the link to the page: http://www.jaxjukes.net/

I also have it on my Google Drive if that makes it easier:


Enjoy - any problems, let me know


Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!


•   Dolores Gosner (Smith) (1957)  4/25
•   Jay Bowen, Jr. (1971)  4/24
•   Jaire Frink (1999)  4/18
•   Marty Blash (1985)  4/14
•   William Kelly (1963)  4/12
•   Barbara Blaker (Ziegler) (1967)  4/11
•   Enid Longbottom-(Speciale) (1962)  4/10
•   Elaine Trankle (Cassidy) (1957)  4/10
•   Michael Roman (1965)  4/10
•   Susan Weldon (1986)  4/8
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•   Jonathan Blanton (1994)  4/26
•   Mary Beaudet (Crawford) (1968)  4/27
•   Margaret Cameron (1965)  4/27
•   Mark Fafalios, Jr. (2001)  4/27
•   Mary (Debbie) Griffin (Gillespie) (1971)  4/27
•   Christopher Albright (1997)  4/28
•   Mitchel Cohen (1970)  4/28
•   Lisa Dias (Zeiger)  4/28
•   Robert Helfer (1971)  4/28
•   Claire Kane (1982)  4/28
•   Anita Kozera-(Zelinski) (1959)  4/28
•   Russell Mort (1990)  4/28
•   John Orliw, Jr. (1965)  4/28
•   Kristina Russell (Griffin) (1987)  4/28
•   Todd Corabi (1993)  4/29
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