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All-Class Annual Dinner Dance


The 31st Annual All-Class Harvest Reunion will be held on

Saturday, October 19, 2019

12:00 pm until 5:00 pm

The Eddington Room

1444 Brown Avenue

Bensalem, PA 19020

Cost:  $ 55.00 per person, $ 100.00 per couple

Which includes 5 hours open bar, buffet luncheon and DJ for your listening and dancing pleasure







          HERE ARE SOME PHOTOS (all courtesy of John Rodriguez, class of 1985) OF THE 2017 REUNION, SORRY IF YOU MISSED IT.  1947 (70 years), 1957 (60 years), 1962 (55 years), 1967 (50 years) and 1972 (45 years) celebrated anniversary years at the event.  As usual, everyone seemed to have a good time and special thanks to our host (Ed Everly class of 1979) who always takes real good care of us.

1947 JUNE class: Frances Griesemer-Morgan and Betty Pluttch-Janco

1957 class (don't know who is who but this is who attended): 

JANUARY: Barbara Fleming-Berry, Joyce Shaw-Crane, Elizabeth Farrell-Dick, Annemarie Jerdan-Hodson, Mary Lou Giordano-Horlacher, Norma Landenberger-Leipert, Eleanor Ogden-Letterio, Paul Letterio, Catherine Zollner Locher, Doris Walser-Marshall, Frank Mohr, Phyllis Cobleigh-Morgan, Elvyra Palaitis-Owen.

JUNE:  Bill Jezior, Judy Kiesewetter, Robert McGee, John Rein.


1962 June - Helen Deissler-Hanna - Sadly the only classmate to attend from these classes.

1967 Class (don't know who is who but this is who attended):

Frances Hughes-Achinko, Ruth Veit-Boylan, Bill Buchanan, Lillie Jones-Claitt, Constance Hayes-Dziadkowsky, Louis  Ginsburg, James Henofer, Lloyd Humphrey, Nancy Wagner-Krause, Donna Namiotko-Lane, Gregory Marshall, William McCluskey, Anna Chiglo-O'Hora, Milton Peak, Gary Portnoy. Janice Stellman-Powell, Susette Owens-Townsend, Joseph Wolf,


1972 - Richard DiMarco, Barbara Wolf, Peggy Mosher-Sundling and Cathie yodis-Cooper

1954 June - Theresa Walszak=Pingatore

1955 June Marion Crossley-Gwynn

1956 June - Ed Lang, Goerge Mauro and Earle Hanna

1958 June - Bill Leipert, Jackie Sakoff-Trimarco, Gale Carrigan-Zimmerman, Judy Powell-Murphy and Harry Wilkinson

1959 - JUNE: Anna Phillips-O'Brien, Doris Sayre-Hipple, David James, Sadie McKenna-Zuber, Dixie JANUARY: Lee Benezette-Welsh and Barbara Walker-LaRue.


1961 June - Ted Licaretz

1963 January -  Ron Kiesewetter

1964 June - Aylis Mears-Wolf and George Wolf

1965 JANUARY (don't know who is who but this is who attended): Barbara Acker-Hoffman, Janis Jones-Laptonak, Jean Killion-Laptonak, Penny Devlin-Manning, Nancy L. McFadden, Dorothy Meade-Miley, Sandra Brotherton-Snell.  JUNE; Joyce Wildonger-Reeves, and Maureen Wild-Davis.

1966 June (don't know who is who but this is who attended): Barbara Zimmerman-Golden, Susan Kozeniewski-Heering, Gerry Kiesewetter, Mary Pedrick-Mazara, Mike McCloskey, Mary Chestnut-Schroeder, and Albert Sherwood.

1971 Doug Smart and Jay Bowen.

1979 Beth Blackney-Young and Ed Everly

The Eddington Room, Bensalem PA

the HOLY GRAIL!  How many football games did this banner proceed our band, majorettes and cheerleaders on the football fields?

Chowing down





Holiday Inn Express.  1329 Bristol Pike, Bensalem PA,

(800) 439-4745 - front desk: (215) 245-5222


Holiday Inn, 3327 Street Road, Bensalem PA,

(800) 439-4745 - front desk: (215) 639-9100


Holiday Inn, 3499 Street Road, Bensalem PA

(800) 439-4745 - front desk: (215) 638-1500






SOUTH you will make a right on to Street Road. Go about one quarter mile. Get into left turning lane as you come up on a Sunoco Gas station. Turn left on to Eddington Avenue. Go to 1st stop sign. This is Brown Avenue. The parking is on the left. Eddington is across the street on the right.


EXIT 28, take Route #1 South to Street Road (PARoute 132) EAST. You will pass a Holiday Inn. In about 2.0 miles you will come up on a McDonald’s on your right. At that light make a right turn on to Hulmeville Road. Go to 1st light and make a left on Brown Avenue. Continue 4 stop signs. Eddington is on the right one half block from your 4th stop sign. Parking is across the street.