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In Memory

Milton Sussman

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06/27/14 12:18 PM #1    

Kathleen Gerold (Lawrence) (1972)

Milton Sussman was the principal of Jules E. Mastbaum AVT High School when I graduated in 1972. He was the most feared man at school . (At least by us students) No one wanted to go to his office. Ha!

09/27/14 09:34 AM #2    

David Cuadrado (1977)

Mr. Sussman gave me a chance by allowing me to attend Mastbaum.  I had bombed out of private school and would have gone to Edison if he wouldn't have let me attend Mastbaum.  He was scary though and he warned me that I would be on probation for my sophomore year.  Rest in peace sir.


10/26/14 01:30 AM #3    

Charles Bolger (1976)

Yes indeed, Mr Sussman was a very serious man. Of course he scared us all, but he really did care for us also. A very good Principle who helped make Mastbaum what it is today.

05/26/15 07:53 PM #4    

Evelyn Haye (-Primus) (1976)

Milton Sussman was a very good principal.  He kept order at the school.  I felt safe having him as our principal!

03/25/16 03:35 PM #5    

Ken Windfelder (1975)

There was nothing like his whistle laced announcements during homeroom.  Like,, “Today shhss our fine shhhs football team will be playing shsss Frankford.”    That always cracked me up!

06/19/18 10:53 AM #6    

Josefina (Josie) Ramos (Matos) (1971)

I never forget the day I had to make a speech in front of everyone in the auditorium to run for Class President.  I bombed. I got such stage frieght, everyone started laughing and I stormed off the stage (exit left!)... needless to say I didn't run that year..... i went outside and sat on the curb (corner of Clementine St!) crying.  All of a sudden I feel an arm over my shoulder and sitting "next" to me ON THE CURB no less was Mr. Sussman.  He assured me it would be ok and that next year I should run and win.  I told him (between sobs) that I couldn't go back in class because I was so embarassed and he gave me permission to call someone to come get me and I could leave early.  What a HUMAN being! I will never, ever forget his kindness.  The following year, 1971, I made my speech, ran for president of the graduating class and won.  Thank you Mr. Sussman for believing in me.

08/18/18 07:27 AM #7    

William Emilius, Jr. (1966)

Avoided him like the plague but respected the man. He EARNED IT, 

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