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In Memory

Vincent Sapp

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01/22/14 06:33 PM #1    

Lois Sands-(Dasey) (1963)

Mr. Sapp was my typing teacher.  He was a real gentleman and a good teacher.  I as well as many of the students he taught are sure to agree.  Lois Sands Dasey

09/07/15 07:55 PM #2    

Ellen Morris (Wambold) (1966)

Agreed, he was a gentleman and a good teacher. I can still hear him repeating. "A s d f j k l semi-colon."

11/20/15 12:52 AM #3    

Luisa Rivera (1986)

Mr. Sapp was my typing teacher and a great human being.

02/01/16 04:25 PM #4    

Anna Chiglo-(Ohora) (1967)

Mr. Sapp was the greatest teacher ever. He taught typing like no other. I remember him calling out the letters for us to type on our manual typewriters. You could hear everyone like it was a symphony. When one person was "off-key" he knew it. He was a true conductor and master of the keys.

04/02/16 02:35 PM #5    

June Ward-(Vearling) (1967)

Mr. Sapp was a great teacher and even more important than that he was a kind and caring human being.  I loved his class.

09/30/16 09:10 PM #6    

Edward Schrandt (1967)

Mr. Sapp, Thank you for your constant attention to me refining my typing skills. Because of you I developed proficiency, and passed typing with the 4 perfect timed writings. Your insistence and my ability allowed me to escape some nasty detail when I was in the USArmy in 1968. It was unusual for a guy who could type. It helped me to get promoted to Sgt in only 18 months. God bless you and thank you for your persistence,.   Eddy Schrandt 1967 


06/19/18 11:02 AM #7    

Josefina (Josie) Ramos (Matos) (1971)

My favorite favorite class !  So much so that in my first year out of High School I opened up a Typing Business doing term papers and resumes for students at Temple Univ and elsewhere.  Back in the day, I entered the worlds fastest typist event every year in the hopes that my 80 wpm on a manual with NO mistakes would allow me to win but I always got beat by a data entry person -- granted, that's what they did for a living, type type type type, asdf,, etc.  To this day typing is my favorite thing to do!  Thank you Mr. Sapp!

10/16/18 05:06 PM #8    

Beverly Wright (Volandt) (1965)

Beverly Volandt (Wright) 1965   Mr. Sapp was a great teacher, a fine gentleman who never let anyone think that they would not learn to type. Yes, he drilled us but because of him many of us landed jobs because of our typing skills. He didn't allow anyone to be disrespected and always had a warm and friendly smile for us. He told us we were his favorite class, I suspect he told that to all of his classes. We use to tell him we were planning to go to college and typing was not as important for us. He would smile and tell us.........."you need typing for papers in college and life." He was right!!! Most kids today don't know how to properly use a keyboard............they hunt and peck!!!



02/14/19 01:38 PM #9    

Haydee Quintana (Gonzales) (1983)

I loved this teacher, he always made me cut my finger nails! Lol😂😂😂

02/14/19 01:39 PM #10    

Haydee Quintana (Gonzales) (1983)

I loved this teacher, he always made me cut my finger nails! Lol😂😂😂

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