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In Memory

Semeon Hrynczyszyn - Class Of 1975

Semeon Hrynczyszyn

Almost 6 years .... there was A man that  got diagnosed with stage four cancer with a prognosis of six months to live but still decided he wanted to fight to live and at the same time to give hope to though's after him a fighting chance with his efforts todo everything in his power towards the reseArch to find a cure. It started as lung cancer and then went to his brain, he had surgery on the brain and then within a few weeks spread to his bones and then throughout his body within the 6 months. He went through brain surgery extensive chemo that his body shouldn't/couldn't handle to at least give us the six months they told us he had. It was so extensive it spread throughout his body and he was no longer  with us in his mind. He held on as long as he could and throughout his fight  he reconfirmed my faith and  hope in the unknown (God). And gave my family six months that many don't get to cherish. I was mad at him at first because he promised me he would always be here and he wasn't going anywhere then a week later he was gone. However, now that I look back I know That he was talking about in spirit he will always be here with me. I love you dad with all my heart I miss you every day. I want to thank you for you fighting the great fight and not giving up the fight against cancer and helping the doctors try to find cure for though's after you. You among many are forever part of this world that help towards finding a cure against cancer. It'll be 6 years march 15th this up coming year but not a day goes by we don't think of you.. Love you dearly!!!! 

"I will take this special moment
to turn my thoughts to Dad ..
Thank him for the home he gave
for all the things we had.
We think about the fleeting years
too quickly, gone for good ..
It seems like only yesterday
I’d go back if I could.
A time when Dad was always there
no matter what the weather ..
Always strong when things went wrong
he held our lives together.
He strived so hard from day to day
and never once complained ..
With steady hands, he worked so hard
and kept the family name.
He taught us that hard work pays off
you reap just what you sow ..
He said that if you tend your crops
your field will overflow.
My life has been bountiful
he taught me how to give ..
In his firm and steadfast way
he taught me how to live.
Dad dwells among the angels now
he left us much too soon ..
He glides across a golden field
above the harvest moon.
I see him in the summer rain
he rides upon the wind ..
And when my path is beaten down
he picks me up again."
- I've been thinking of you more and more with my upcoming wedding wishing you were here in person but I know your here in spirit. I feel you in every decision that's been made thus far. Love you always & forever poppa dukes Happy Father's Day Dad sending you lots of air hugs and kisses to you and bandito upstairs!! XoXoXo 😘💋💚😇 Love Dayna Rose


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Ken Windfelder (1975)

Sam & I double dated to the Mastbaum Senior Prom in my Dad's 1964 Ford Falcone - Miss you Sam!

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